Green Witch Serenity Box

Earthy box for a green witch battling anxiety. Includes: 

  • Vintage balsam fir incense from an antique barn in Maine. Still smells amazing.
  • 2 Vintage gold pinecone candles
  • Leather tree of life Book of Shadows bound with natural paper and brass closure clasp
  • 5 Tree branch pencils
  • Glass bottle of lavender for anxiety relief. <3
  • Aromatherapy small glass bottle necklace filled with organic French lavender, lavender oil, and purple glitter, so, my dear green witch, you can take anxiety relief with you everywhere. The feather was found (and subsequently sanitized, of course) in the dunes above Ocean Beach in San Francisco.
  • Small glass dome with pine resin from a very old Giant Sequoia, found on the forest floor on a hike in NorCal.
  • Mason jar of organic matter from the NorCal redwood forests. (I collected all items by hand during hikes.) Includes:
    • Old Man's Beard moss
    • Redwood from a naturally felled Douglas Fir
    • Eucalyptus cones with 5-pointed star
    • Lichen-covered oak branches
    • Misc. leaves and branches

Cajun Sigil Witch Protection Box

Protection box for a Cajun witch who uses sigil spellcraft. Includes: 

  • Protection Incense and Self-Igniting Charcoal | inspired by Scott Cunningham
  • Découpaged New Orleans Sigil Chalkboard Wall Hanging & Chalk | sealed for possible outdoor use ( The triple frame has glass painted with chalkboard paint, so the witch may either erase her sigil after creating it, or hang it up in her home so it becomes part of her subsconcious.)
  • 3 Tea lights (for the maiden, mother, crone)
  • Witch’s protection bottle custom spell and materials, including:
    • Fleur de Lys Bottle | to hold the spell's ingredients
    •  Wild Thistle Spines from the rugged Marin seashore | to combat negativity
    • Citrine Chips | for turning curses into luck
    • Sage | for clearing the space
    • High Desert Tar Water | mix of water and Piñon resin for banishing all entities
    • Wild Old Man's Beard Moss | to preside over revenge and retribution

Sea Witch Box

Beach-inspired box with treasures from the Pacific Ocean. This box was custom made for a sea witch land-locked in Kansas.  Includes: 

  • Two feathers (One Raven, One Loon), sanitized and dried.
  • Moonwater (Pacific seawater) bottled under a full moon at Ocean Beach, San Francisco.
  • Tidal Sands from the Beach at the foot of  Fort Funston
  • Vial of Sea Glass found on Ocean Beach, San Francisco
  • Necklace with pressed California blackberry flower from the bluffs above Fort Funston. 
  • Rocks Smoothed by the Pacific Ocean (one hand-painted with a moon)
  • Water Incense (Recipe by Scott Cunningham) 
  • Monterey Cypress cone and Eucalyptus cone collected under the trees on the bluffs above Fort Funston.