Ostara 2016//  Included:

  • Scrolls: 
    • Ostara BoS Page
    • Ostara Correspondences
    • Naturally-Dyed Ostara Eggs Recipe
    • Ostara Celebration Ideas for the Modern Witch
    • Healing Spell
    • Seeds of Spring Ostara Ritual
  • Bird’s Nest Altar Piece | With ceramic hand-painted robin’s eggs, moss, and feather found on Ocean Beach, San Francisco
  • White Rabbit Ritual Candle to Represent Day | Honeysuckle & Jasmine | Handmade by whitewit.ch
  • Black Rabbit Ritual Candle to Represent Night | Rose with Dried Rose Petals| Handmade by whitewit.ch
  • Handmade Ostara Incense 
  • Self-Igniting Charcoal
  • Goddess Flora Antique Print Sticker

····································Featured Small Businesses····································

  • Decorated Vial of Cascarilla | 100% Crushed Egg Shells by Rora of Witch Rora’s Magick Goods | (etsy.com/shop/WitchRora)
  • Seed bombs of edible flower seeds by fellow San Francisco small business Seedles | (growtherainbow.com) | Help support struggling bee colonies and plant wildflowers!

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Imbolc 2016//  Included:

  •  Imbolc Scrolls:
    • Imbolc Book of Shadows Page
    • Imbolc Correspondences
    • Brigit of Kildare BoS Page
    • Brigit’s Cross Talisman Spell
    • Spring Cleaning Ritual
  • Brigit Effigy Ritual Candle (for Brigit’s Cross Talisman Spell and Spring Cleaning Ritual)
  • Self-Igniting Charcoal Disc (for Brigit’s Cross Talisman Spell and Spring Cleaning Ritual)
  • Imbolc Incense, based on Scott Cunningham’s recipe (for Brigit’s Cross Talisman Spell and Spring Cleaning Ritual)
  • Sage Rosemary Sea Salt Scrub (for Spring Cleaning Ritual (and whenever!))
  • Brigit’s Cross Kit (for Brigit’s Cross Talisman Spell)

Yule 2015  //  Included:

  • Three Yuletide Scrolls:
    • Yule Book of Shadows Page
    • Yule Correspondences
    • Witch’s Yule Bottle Spell for New Beginnings (using sigils and candle magick)
  • Decorated Witch’s Bottle for the Yule New Beginnings Spell (with 3 pieces of antique secretary’s paper and a branch from whitewit.ch’s Yule tree)
  • Real Pinecones (for the witch's Yule altar)
  • Artificial Yule Flora (poinsettia and/or holly sprig)
  • Wintery Metallic Jar with Self-Igniting New England Balsam Fir Incense
  • Yule Log Candle Holder, Gold Leafed (24 karats!) by whitewit.ch with 3 white tea lights. Log made of beautiful natural reclaimed wood from Susie’s Wood Shop (etsy.com/shop/susieswoodshop)

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Samhain 2015 //  Included:

  • 17th Century French Grimoire 
  • Orange Altar Lights 
  • Adjustable Circle Casting Glow Cord (for demarcating your circle in the dark, up to 25' circumference)
  • Samhain Incense and Self-Igniting Charcoal Disc
  • Spirit-Clearing Tidal Stone (collected at high tide on Ocean Beach, San Francisco) 
  • Vesta Ritual Powder (for warding evil spirits) 
  • Ouija Spirit Work Bag Handmade by my 75-year-old Grandmother (seriously!)
  • 2 Black Ritual Candles
  • Pumpkin Carving Stencils 
  • Samhain Book of Shadows Page and Correspondences 
  • Samhain Call to the Dead Ritual (using the incense, circle casting glow cord, black ritual candles, tidal stone, and vesta powder)
  • Samhain Celebration Ideas for the Modern Witch
  • Traditional Irish Divination Rituals for Samhain

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Mabon 2015 //  Included:

  • Cinnamon broom to cleanse your space as dark overtakes light
  • Artificial autumn leaves for your altar
  • Wassail mix in a quilted glass mason jar for hot apple cider, mead, or wine
  • Mabon incense with self-igniting charcoal
  • 2 Orange ritual candles
  • Book of Shadows page about Mabon
  • Mabon ritual to welcome autumn into your home
  • Protection spell for the return of winter’s darkness
  • Mabon celebration ideas for the modern witch
  • Witch's broom pen

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Lughnasadh 2015  //  Included:

  • Pentacle summer harvest wreath 
  • Dog days of summer talisman spell
  • Lughnasadh/Lammas prosperity spell
  • Lughnasadh/Lammas ritual candle 
  • Lughnasadh/Lammas incense and self-igniting charcoal disc 
  • Piece of beautiful dendritic agate in a small glass dome to represent continuing prosperity and stability in the talisman spell
  • Butterfly magnet
  • Bilberry tea

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Litha 2015  //  Included:

  • Sun catcher with crystals and prisms to bend light and create rainbows in your space.
  • A bottle of Litha incense and self-igniting charcoal for your summertime cauldron.
  • Litha spells and rituals that draw from the strength and purity of the sunlight on the longest day of the year. Includes a summer solstice high noon ritual and powerful curse-breaking spell.
  • Gold ritual candle.
  • Faux summer flowers for your altar.
  • California pure raw honeycomb from the San Francisco Farmer’s Market to anoint your ritual candle.
  • Glow-in-the-dark moon necklace to store the sunshine and carry it with you into the darkness.
  • Candied Lavender to ground yourself after your solar rituals.
  • PLUS the surprise item:  evening sun sunflower seeds to plant after your Litha ritual.

Beltane 2015  //  Included:

  • Floral crown with faux spring flowers
  • Beltane ritual-in-a-bottle necklace, containing: Citrine, hawthorn berries, green moss, white magick matches
  • Green Kerr mason jar, containing: 2 Green ritual candles, bottle of  Beltane incense (Scott Cunningham's recipe) with self-igniting charcoal, rose petals, faux flowers
  • Wax-sealed scrolls: Beltane ritual (for use with the ritual-in-a-bottle necklace), ancestral protection summons, page about Beltane for your BoS, and circle casting chant.